"summer essence" for kaltblut magazine

Sara Lehtomaa recently shot editorial “Summer Essence“ for Kaltblut Magazine.

“I have a fascination with the weird and quirky and do my best to bring a bit of it to every photo I make. The essence of a photograph is all in the details guiding the onlookers perception and it is through these seemingly petty subtleties that I like to enhance the image. An unexpected structure of the right components is what makes a memorable image.”

“Fashion and the visual arts have always been a big part of my life and I have managed to combine the two in my work. I mostly work with people in front of my camera but nowadays also feel a pull towards still life photography. Most of my work, however, is people-centered and I love seeing the beauty of the human form flourishing in a still image. I have a huge appreciation towards team work and strongly feel that most of the time photography is a team effort and by no means an endeavour of ”the lone artist”. The team aspect of photography is one of the core reasons why I love my craft so much - getting to work with creatives from all over the spectrum is what keeps me inspired.”